Dick Steak garniture, 4pcs. 25x15cm # 81080-00
Content: 81400-12 2 steak knives 12cm, 92010-09 2 steak forks 9cm
Markus Heucher Productnr.: 21810800000
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Dick Steak garniture, 4pcs. 25x15cm # 81080-00
Content: 81400-12 2 steak knives 12cm, 92010-09 2 steak forks 9cm

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Content: • 81400-12 2 steak knives 12cm • 92010-09 2 steak forks 9cm • Colour: black - Uncomprisingly committed to creative cooking: carefully forged and balanced, with the ideal volume and shape of handle. Outstanding handle design: handle and blade dovetail seamlessly, offering ideal hygiene and ease of maintenance. The blade is made of the high-quality alloy X50CrMoV15. This stands for prolonged edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximum sharpness. Each knife is sharpened, whetted honed and polished by hand. Chef’s knives At Friedr. Dick, more than 45 process stages are necessary in the manufacture of a forged chef’s knife. A forged blade is produced from a single piece of red-hot steel under high pressure without any welding. This greatly compacts the steel. The base material is a high-alloy stainless steel. Hardening is crucial to the quality of the finished knife. The blank is hardened in a protective gas atmosphere at temperatures exceeding 1,100° C. The equipment used at Friedr. Dick meets the current state of the art and guarantees a defined and continuously controlled hardening process. As the hardened steel is brittle and inelastic, tempering at temperatures between 200 and 300° C now has to eliminate the greatest internal stress within the steel. The molecules in the steel can re-align and impart the desired ductility and strength to the steel. Freezing to –70° C gives the blade another final “shot” of elasticity. Special CNC-controlled, automated grinding machines are used for the actual grinding of the blade; these guarantee a consistently high quality. The subsequent finish-grinding produces a completely smooth surface. The handle is then attached. Dick handles are attached by means of a special method, resulting in a seamless welding of blade and handle. Final honing of the cutting edge is performed by specialists working on machines that have been developed in-house and that give the knife the optimum cutting performance. Laser angle-measuring equipment is used to check whether the optimum grinding and honing angle has been achieved. Finally, each knife is given the unmistakable Dick etching, which is synonymous with quality and tradition. In addition to ongoing quality checks during manufacture, all Dick products are also subjected to a strict final inspection.

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Markus Heucher Productnr. 21810800000
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