Dick Dickoron combi hygienic 30cm, round
30cm, round, sapphire cut, 2 sides sapph
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Dick Dickoron combi hygienic 30cm, round
30cm, round, sapphire cut, 2 sides sapph

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Dick Dickoron combi hygienic • Length: 30cm • Form: round • Cut: sapphire cut / polished cut • Handle: white plastic handle Sharpening is defined as the process of erecting a blunt blade with the help of a sharpening steel. If a knife is already blunt it has to be grinded in order to be sharp again. The Sapphire cut was made for the caring of your knife, preserving the sharpness of the knife’s blade. Sapphire steels are belonging to the group of diamond steels, which actually have a very high removal rate and produce a very rough edge. The removal rate of sapphire steels with a comparable performance to diamond steels is however much more less. The steel can also be combined with a polished steel, making it the ideal partner for ambitious butchers. The polished steel is suitable especially for straightening and smoothing of sharp flipped down blades. For a smooth cut, such as during cutting, you need a thin cutting angle, which can cause the blade to easily flip down before its blunt by wearout. For those blades this sharpening steel is made in order to align and smooth them. The steel is ideally suited for raising the blade. High performance at low fatigue. Ideally suited for cutting

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Markus Heucher Productnr. 10175961300
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