Sharpening tool Sharp Easy yellow # 9980-00g
Allows to sharpen a knife's edge by beginners.
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Sharpening tool Sharp Easy yellow # 9980-00g
Allows to sharpen a knife's edge by beginners.

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• perfect whetting and polishing • including holder • sharpening rods easy to exchange (without tools) • all metal parts made of stainless steel • total length: 28.5cm The Sharp Easy is usually mounted directly at the workplace, so that a quick and easy whetting and polishing of the cutting edges is ensured. This significantly increases the performance of a knife. The Sharp Easy has a sturdy plastic housing. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. All spare parts are also available separately. Rods: Art-Nr. 9981, metal holder: Art-Nr. 9981 h and metal guide Art-Nr. 9981 f Applications Normal maintenance of the cutting edge and removal of the metal chips: Insert the blade into the sharpener from the blade end. When the blade touches the bumpers, pull the blade from the end of the blade to the blade tip with a slight pressure up to the V-end, but without reaching the V-end (means: guide the knife through the sharpener in a slight arc). This procedure should be repeated several times. Straight bending of a cutting edge that has suffered a major damage: Insert the blade into the sharpener. Then slide the knife up to V-end (means: guide the knife straight through the sharpener). The V-end allows perfect straight bending. This procedure should be repeated several times. Attach the bracket Attach the bracket with two screws (Inox, diameter 6, not included) on a carrier such as a table edge. Then insert the handle of the Sharp Easy into the opening of the base. Depending on the attachment of the holder, the sharpener can be attached either at a 45 ° or 90 ° angle. Knife test The bracket is also provided with a control system regarding the wear of the knives. Insert the knife tip into the notch provided at the curved end until it is blocked by the two sides. If the tip reaches the end of the notch, the blade is worn out and should be replaced.

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Markus Heucher Productnr. 102998000g0
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